Rocket Baguette Rising Stars Netherlands S1

Welcome to RBRS Netherlands!! You must register at least three players, five players at most, by filling all the requested information

RBRS Netherlands are open to players ranked Champion I and above.

Any incomplete registration won't be taken into account.

To complete your registration, at least two players of each team, including the captain, must join the Rising Star Discord server.

Steam players must submit their SteamID64, the series of numbers beginning with 7656. You can use to find it.

Rocket Baguette Rising Stars Netherlands S1

By ticking the box, I agree to do the best I can to play all the games.

Please submit your team logo in PNG format with transparent background. Invalid logos will be replaced by a generic logo. You can also submit your logo later through Discord.

RBRS is a league in which teams play one BO5 series per week. If you play your series in due time, all good. If not, different penalties can be applied:

Team Leader
For steam players, you can find the SteamID64 on
Second Teammate
Third Teammate

Substitutes are not mandatory but it is strongly advised to get at least one! There are no country limitations on your roster but bear in mind that you need two Dutch players on the field in every games.

Download the complete ruleset!

First Sub
Second Sub

At least two players from each team, including the captain, must be connected to the Rising Star Discord server to confirm your registration! See you in a bit :)